November 10th, 2008

Good coloring for 90210 captures?

Often i see very beautiful bright, colorful icons of Beverly Hills 90210 captures, but it still looks natural and not oversaturated.

Is there anyone who can help me to find a nice coloring for these kind of captures? i have been trying out so many different colorings with selective coloring, curves, channel mixer, levels, and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks alot in advance.




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Animated/Transition Text Tutorial in Photoshop CS3

I've seen recently some questions on how to animate text and I just wanted to throw my two penneth in to see if I can help! So, my first tutorial is on how to make text animations/transitions like these...


made by yours truely, aka hardlybreathe

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skidamarinka asked me how I do the colouring for some pictures I've been posting recently as I'm working on a theme mood - I offered to do it becuase I have some free time.

So here's the tutorial:


Made in PS CS2. Not transitable.

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