November 15th, 2008

jaejoong 03


Hope I can ask this here. I always use virtualdubmod to screencap my avi video's. But now I have a whole bunch that where not supported. Now I did get to open them but when I then make screencaps they come out all blurry and weird like:

Is there any way to solve this problem or am I just screwed.
You BRAVE little soldier.

Jonas Brothers Tutorial!

^^click that^^

Program: Photoshop CS2
Translatable: No, uses Selective Coloring, Gradient Map, etc. Sorry :(
Examples: Yes, tons, because I don't explain things very well :D
Level: Beginner (seriously, a rock could do this, but the coloring is pretty!)
Steps: 10
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(wolf) - i see a bad moon rising.

Coloring Help

Does anyone know how to get the coloring of the big Anakin/Padmé image in this banner?
Well, I made it myself, but I didn't save any script when I made that coloring and now can't make it again..I remember I used a Channel Mixer layer in PSP9, but that's it -.-

The original image is here, thank you so much in advance :)