November 21st, 2008


When I open pictures up in Photoshop CS, they end up like this.

and I'm just like, WOT because that picture should NOT be like that ?!
I could rotate it ninety degrees clockwise, but then the picture ends up cut off and that's not exactly what I want...
so, help ?
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kc - all i ever wanted

Swirly Line Help

A while back I found a tutorial to make the line around people like in this icon
made by me.

The tutorial was made using some pics of Paramore. I can't find the tutorial now. So if you have it could you please direct me to it.

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[Ayu] In dreams and wishes

This coloring?

I found this icon somewhere and I'm curious as to how it's been colored.

I can't seem to find the original image either, but how would I go about making something that bright, but not an eyesore?
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