November 22nd, 2008

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Chloe tutorial

I originally made this tutorial for severalplums community (a nice icon challenge community that requires the winner and the one that get's the Mod's invitation to post a tutorial to teach the others how they made their icon) and thought that I could post it here as well.

I am using Photoshop 7,0 ME and there are Curves, Brightness and Contrast and Gradient Maps used in this tutorial.

We're going from Photobucket to Photobucket

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Help Creating This Text Effect

How do I create this text outline effect?

Photobucket Found padabee using it.

This is the only one I stumbled upon, and it's not exactly what I was hoping for, but it's good. I looked at the mems but didn't really find anything that made sense. If there's a tut out there with pictures, I'd greatly appreciate being pointed in that direction.

I didn't know what words to search for to find a bigger example...So clearly I have no idea what it is/how to do it. Hehe!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

EDIT: I have Photoshop CS3
(color) Stock- Paris words
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stock icon tutorials,

Okay so I recently made a new stock icon batch,
and I said feel free to request some tuts and now we have two brand new tuts.
Though let me just say, I used the same coloring for every icon just about,
with a couple things changed here and there.

From >>1 to >>2.

Program: Photoshop only.

From >>1 to >>2.

Program: Photoshop only.

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(no subject)

Hi everyone!
I'm new. I jut started like two seconds ago and have a question on Animated icons.
I'venever made one before and I despretly wanna learn. I learn really quick too but I need help.

How do I make these?


Sorry I don't know who made them. If anyone can help me find a tut on how to make any ofthem I'd be very very greatful. Especially the last one.

thanks. :)
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help the new person, please, if you would?

Hello, everyone! I'm a first time poster, and while I'm afraid I don't have any useful tutorials to contribute, I do have a question!

( icon by parle at kyoukatabira )

I've only recently started trying to icon real people/stock images, and I'm having trouble finding a good coloring for them. I'd really love to get a bright but still easy on the eyes coloring, like the one in this icon here. However, I'm using Jasc PSP 9, so I don't have selective coloring. Would anyone be willing to help me? It would be really appreciated; thank you in advance! ♥

tutorials: mary and dean from SPN

From this to and this to

Tutorials for: Photoshop CS2
Made in: Photoshop CS2
Level of Difficulty: Easy.
Image Heavy? Sort of. But dial-up friendly I'd say.
Translatable? Mostly. Though I did use some selective coloring, it could be skipped and generally doesn't affect the outcome of the icon all that much.

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