November 25th, 2008

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PSP question

I don't know if this is allowed or not, if not I am sorry & go ahead and delete it.

I've been having problems with my Paint Shop Pro now with the brushes. They don't seem to go they way I want them, and everytime I click down to put the brush on an icon they turn a different way? & Not the original way they are supposed to go (example: a heart brush, sometimes goes on my icon as completely upside down) Anyone know what I did to cause this problem, and especially know how to fix it? I'd appreciate it very much! ♥
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two tutorials!

upon request by briar, two tutorials! the first tutorial works only in photoshop (i'm not sure about the second).

this tutorial is very image heavy.

in four easy steps.
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and the second half!

using color balance layers to your advantage.
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(no subject)

Hello Again! I was wondering if anyone knows how to get this beautiful coloring? (under cut)
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I believe it was a tutorial, but I think the person's journal got deleted.
If this is a wrong question to ask here, then yall can delete this post.
I use either PS elements or PSCS. Thank You. :)
Also I checked the memories, and I didn't really see what I was looking for.
Here's the original pic. Sorry about that.
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Dark effect?

I absolutely love the coloring of these icons by wecrash 


i plan on asking the maker,
but i want to see some different links that you guys can provide.
i've been looking for one similar forever.

and i use photoshop cs3,
so selective coloring is fine!