November 27th, 2008

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I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0. and I juat started trying to make banners with a curved edges, and everything goes good until I invert it, I want a transparent background but it still white, even when I set it to a transparent file, how can I get rid of the white part? Thanks in advance for anyone who helps.

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Courtney Love: smoking bride

something is totally wrong with the fonts

I have a problem with photoshop (cs3) and I'd really appreciate if someone can help me to figure out how to solve it.

The problem is that all my fonts are kinda messed up. Everything used to be okay but then for some reason they all start to appear in a really low quality. And not just some fonts, but ALL of them.

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Help me with it please -_-

Coloring help?

Hi, i've been looking for these icon tutorials and I've been messing around for awhile, but does anybody know a tutorial similar or can help me with these colorings? I use PS CS2. (If you need the originals for help, please cmnt & tell me)

1. Photobucket  2. Photobucket

Thanks in advance =)

Minimovie Help?

Hello. I use imageready and I would like to know HOW to add text and borders on minimovies like this one as example:
  <<-- I want to know how to add those borders and the text in the end.
by rory_tutorgirl