November 28th, 2008

Snape Stolen Wand
  • amerigh

More than just coloring

Would some one please help me? I use photoshop CS2 and I'm having trouble making icons of real people. All I've found tutorials for is playing with the coloring, I was wondering if some one could direct me in how to know how to do things like this:

Please and thank you!
[Avatar] ♣ lost in the moment;

Importing video screencaps into Imageready.

I was hoping some of you incredibly knowledgeable people would be able to help with an Image ready dilemma I'm having :/

The problem is that I've got my video that I want to cap, and so when I got to IR and choose Import> Folder as Frames -- all I get is a blank screen. Even if I ignore that and press okay all I get is blank screenshots.

I have the file in avi. and mpeg. format...neither can be imported to Image Ready. Anyone know how to solve this?

Alternatively can anyone suggest any software that can cap at certain time intervals. I already have VLC player, but it doesn't seem to have that option.