November 29th, 2008

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i made the following icon quite a while back and didn't save the psd for it. i made it with adobe photoshop 7.0, so if anyone could help i'd be so thankful. :]

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Recreating this graphic?

Could anyone show me how to recreate his graphic? I'm not sure if the "cloud" effect is program made or whether it's a texture or brush. I used to know how to make the light effect but I forgot >< Havent made graphics in a while lol.
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I'm using Photoshop CS3 Extended and any help is appreciated. I would also like to know how to achieve the coloring aswell in the cloud and such.
If any changes need to be made to the info I've provided let me know ;)


taking caps from a dvd.

I'm trying to make a mini-movie from a few films I own like The Sisterhood of the taveling pants 2, Jumper and Another Cinderella Story. How do I take screen caps of the frams? I take a regular "print Screen" cap and it wont let me. :/
Is there another program I need that I can download or am I just doing something very wrong?
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