December 1st, 2008

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Blue Underworld Icons

So I've been messing around, trying to colour icons for the new Underworld movie and I can't seem to find a way to do so. I've looked in the tags and tried about every single tutorial on ridding the icon of blue. I've also tried black and white icons, and even that didn't work out well.

When I try to get rid of the blue, it looks like hell. It either ends up too red, too green, or still blue. When I try black and white, I do a couple screen layers and a gradient map layer and it looks grainy.

Variations don't seem to want to work either. I've tried adding magenta to lessen the green, and have added red and yellow like most of the tutorials suggest, but it just doesn't look right.

Also, when I screen the base, it looks washed out (I've tried a soft light layer, auto levels, auto contrast, selective colour - blacks 100, etc)

I've tried selective colour layers, fill layers, channel mixer layers, curves, etc but either I'm not doing it right, or it just doesn't work for these caps.

If anyone knows of any Underworld tutorials, or a really really good (although I'm sure I've tried most) tutorial on how to get rid of blues, can you please tell me? Thanks so much in advance!

I'm going to add a few screencaps from lancelotfan under the cut if anybody wants to try it out for themselves.

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Basic guide to vibrant colouring for Gossip Girl in Photoshop

Want to make graphics with colours like these? This is your tutorial!

I've received requests for tutorials for the colouring of my Gossip Girl icons and picspams. I don't give .psd's or just lists with numbers, because I firmly believe in learning to do something yourself. Quick fixes are a no-go with me. So instead (also because my colouring is pretty general) I offer you my basic colouring guide for Photoshop CS. The original post was made at my community illusoir_icons, but I thought maybe people here could benefit from it too. :)

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Please don't take these images without asking me first, thanks!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
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help with coloring

I'm usually okay with photoshop and fixing images isn't really hard but for some reason i'm not being able to do *anything* decent with these caps:

exemple one
exemple two
exemple three

(from here)

If I screencap it once it's not enough but if I do it twice it's too light and too brown and too pixeled. I just can't figure out a way to fix it :( I'm guessing my skills with PS isn't enough lol. I want it to look nice enough to make icons and have a coloring other than brown-ish.

Ideas? Any help is appreciated.

I use Photoshop CS3.

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I need a little help. I already looked through the memories (and searched the intenet) but I couldn't find anything helpful. My image ready won't open .avi files, only .mov and the program I use to change the format to .mov makes the files lose their quality. Is there any way I can convert .avi to .mov without the file losing their original quality? Or to any other format that will open on image ready but keep the quality intact. Or a way to fix the problem so I can open .avi files (currently they DO open but they don't run, there is only the white screen and no images show).

Program I use: photoshop/image ready 7.0

Thanks in advance!

i wanna learn how to make this tyoe of icon!!

Hey I wanna learn hot to make this type of icon! like how do you get the corners faded like that!??! im trying to find a tutorial but i havent been able to find it!

Credit goes to go!! audioblood  Their awesome if u wanna find Twilight icons and gifs go there!!

Also I wanna make an icon looking like this

 credit also goes to audioblood 

I kno how to out the anim in the base just the text im having problems with!:/ Also how do you color an animation!?


I haven't posted on here in months, as I rarely feel like I can make a decent colouring tut without any advice etc.. but I think I've achieved a rather easy and nice colouring.

I used Photoshop V.9 CS2

Okay, so I'm going to be showing you how to go from this;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

to this;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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