December 3rd, 2008

helpy ?

how do i do the vid animations and like i have ps 7 and imageready also if i need to download something where do i go and is their a free version?

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Help! Need new capping program...

Alright for some reason my KM Player refuses to cap anymore...I get this error Impossible to work at SuperSpeed Mode or there is no KMP transform filter. I've tried searching for answers and checking their forums and found no definitive answer. Everything mentioned I tried and it doesn't work.

So- what's another good, free, easy program to cap with? I do have VLC player but have no clue how to set it up to auto-cap. Is there a handy tutorial I didn't see?

Does anyone have any other ideas? Cause I have 4 discs I'm gonna need to cap soon before dropping them in the mail.

Any suggestions are welcome, especially with info on how to set them up for auto-cap...

Thanks in advance!
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beginner friendly mini movie tutorial

someone requested a beginner friendly animation tutorial, that has some a little bit fuzzy frame, so here is my version.

created on PS CS3 extended

basically translateable to any program that has curves (or curves as layer, less work to do ;) )

yeah, lot of talking and many images...

and maybe you shold reduce the brightness of your screen a tiny bit XD I forgot to up mine, so uhm yeah XD looks good with my settings XD

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I hope everything is easy to understand, if you have questions to any step feel free to ask.

if you want a psd ask, but maybe I have to search it after a few weeks (saved somewhere else then)

any comments would be very nice

posting your own results is an option too XD

oh and please don't hotlink my animated pics, the other ones are on lj, but the animated ones are on photobucket and shouldn't run out of bandwidth ne ^^

have fun


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How to screencap an episode?

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I need some help and maybe one of you could help me...

One of the problems I find when I try to make some icons is that I can't seems to make a good screencap. I have to do it manually cause I don't know any other way to do it and I don't always screencrap the exactly moment I want...

My question is... Is there some program that would do the screencaps for me? It would be great if I could get a program that would screencrep the whole chapter and then I decide from there which ones I want to use...

I use photoshop CS3 extended (though I don't think it matters) and VLC player...

Thank you in advance!
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Coloring question

Does anybody have any idea how to achieve this coloring? The pale pink style.

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All by dulcesuenos

I know it's quite a few but it seems they're all made using the same tecnique. I didn't ask the maker yet b/c I commented on 3 of her entries asking for passwords and she hasn't commented back so I didn't want to go asking how she makes them. It's a very gorgeous coloring and I wanted to know how to get that :/

eta: ooops i'm so sorry, completely forgot to mention the program :/

I use PS CS3

original images:


I couldn't find all of them but I hope these will be helpful.