December 8th, 2008

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Polaroid coloring

How can I get this kind of coloring?:

(click on it for a bigger version)

In general, the kind of coloring you'd see in polaroids. All I can find are tutorials on how to make the polaroid frames =________=
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I'm a penny in a diamond mine.

Thought I'd throw out a short tutorial, because I like the way this icon turned out. :)

Go from Photobucket to Photobucket

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For: Photoshop CS2, though I'm sure it's compatible (sans the keyboard shortcuts).

If anyone has any questions, let me know! I tried to make this as beginner-friendly as possible, but I don't mind any additional questions.

Feel free to add my graphics journal, onlysourcherry!

ETA: Edited because I apparently fail at comm rules? Sorry.
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Hey there!

Can you pleasev help me with this coloring...I've serached all the tutorails but none of them seem to achieve this effect...your help will be greatly appreciated..

here are sme examples (icon credit - momo)
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I want to put this photo in a frame for my sister, but I want to play with it and make it really pretty. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on things I could do for it?

I use CS2 and can follow instructions easily, but am not quite up th experimenting on my own at the moment.

Would love some tutorials and advice. Thanks

coloring help

I've made a lot of icons but none so vivid, sharp, and bright as these (I like that skin tone isn't at all crimson like most of the selective coloring tuts I've seen).

My question is, how to make something look so bright and crisp like these?
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Help with coloring

I made this colouring, but I can not remember how.

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I tried several tutorials for blue pictures, but I don't have been successful.

I made it with Gimp 2.4, ( I have now Protoshop CS3), curves and color gradients, but every time I try again, the picture becomes coppery.

Can you help me?

(please, excuse for my bad English)


I'm using ps cs3 extended version, if that matters. I was making icons all evening and when I went to upload them, after saving each and every one as a .png file, they aren't in the folder I saved them in. Infact, they aren't in any folder at all. This is the second time this week (already!) that this program has done this to me and I'm not sure why, has anyone else had this problem?