December 10th, 2008


Hi, I am using Photoshop CS3 and i was wondering if anyone that is using PSCS3 knew how to translate this icon: made by jo__angel I read her tutorial but it was hard to understand and wasnt sure if there was any other tuts for that kind of coloring in PSCS3.


Please help me. I use CS3 to edit my icons. and every time i try to make the reds higher it always look like these (boxed with the color yellow) :

its like the pixels are coming out or something ugly like that.
help? ive seen other icons with high reds but doesnt look like the things ive done, like those hayley icons.
does any one experience the same thing with making their icons, as well? and if yes, what do you do?
thanks a lot.

Tutorial # 1: Ronald Weasley

Tutorial #1

Today we will go from Image and video hosting by TinyPic to Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(icon can be found @ this post @ reflexive_verb)

I use Photoshop 7.0, and while you can skip the Selective Coloring steps if you so wish, I will be using it. Therefore, this tutorial is non-translatable. Sorry, guys!

♥ do not hotlink
♥ please do not copy my tutorial/icon exactly
♥ if you want to post this anywhere else, please ASK first

Please send all your comments to the original post @ reflexive_verb:: RIGHT HERE. Thanks ever so.

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Enjoy! ♥

Help about cropping

I need some help about cropping. Basically I want to know how can I crop an image into an icon in a good way, making it interesting and good looking. Can you understand me? :/
I'd like to read some tutorials about cropping, etc.

Any help is appreciated.
QAF - promise

Help request: PS CS3 and GIF images

Hello! I desperately need help in making an animated icon with falling snow...
I have PS CS3 and it has no Image Ready but just an animation window. I tried to add animated snow (GIF) to my base pic in it but failed. I can't open the snow as animated image. It is just an Index layer, a still picture. Whatever I tried, it didn't work! *cries*
I've already made some simple animations before but they were all PSD-files.
I'll be grateful for any help and advice! Maybe you can give me a link to some tut for PS CS3? I have some for CS2, with IR, but it doesn't work for me... Thank you in advance! :)
hayley: honda civic

Tutorial #3: Paramore


requested by monstersinyou from this post #201-206
it's not the exact coloring but it's very close.

6 Steps
involves selective coloring, not translatable
I will post a .PSD if enough people ask for it.
Otherwise just follow this tut, it's not that complicated. fairly simple.
please credit if using and do not claim as your own
enjoy. :)

direct all comments here
it will make it easier for me to answer questions and view comments

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