December 12th, 2008


3 colorings using same layers

I have a very simple coloring technique that can be used to achieve 3 different colorings. I have been using this for awhile now, and it seems to work well with most bases. I use PS CS3, it does use selective coloring, so not translatable.

From Photobucket to Photobucket or Photobucket or Photobucket

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Other icons made with this coloring technique:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

VLC player : screen capping problem

hello. i did try to look through the archive but couldnt find anything much similar to my problem. my VLC player screencaps for me, yes, but it does not screen cap the entire video for me. it stops only halfway. i'm not sure what's wrong because it does not stop at a specific number, but just stops half way. i hope i may be able to find help here, because i'm currently working on some animated gifs. please do help me.
thanks a million in advance.
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animated banner.

i use cs2 + imageready. (: my problem is with saving. i'm not making an icon and i'm not uploading it to livejournal so the size does not matter. problem is, the only option i have for saving is "save as optimized" and even on the nicest optimized setting, my animation is still nowhere near its original quality.

is there a way i can save the animated banner without losing any quality, since i don't need to make it smaller?

thanks for any help. <3

GIF editing help

*I use PS 7 (I think it's 7) and ImageReady

Hi, I'm trying to edit some GIFs that I found for my semester project, by deleting some frames off of the original animation. But after I save my editing under "save optimized as..." my edited and saved work turns black, instead of retaining the original color. I tried saving the .psd version, then jumping to ImageReady and saving it optimized as .gif, but it still turns black. Then I went ahead and tried to recolor it and save it, but it still turns black. Any ideas and solutions to how to make sure that my edited work will stay in its original color?
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Thanks in advance!