December 14th, 2008

James Franco

general question

i'm in need of good colorings for gossip girl screencaps.
usually, i see pinkish, vibrant coloring.

does anyone have any good tutorials for any coloring for gossip girl screencaps?

thanks in advance.

CW Screencaps

Looked through the memories and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

Anyone who has ever worked with screencaps from CW shows probably knows that...there is often that annoying little "CW" down in the corner (Example here). Does anyone have a simple way of making that disappear so that you can use the part of the cap that it is on?

avril lavigne coloring tutorial

haha, this is the first icon tutorial i'm gonna post here! :D
from to
i actually asked for help with this kind of coloring, and a kind person helped me briefly, and i got it! thanks so much! now, i'm gonna teach you all how to make glowy icons like this! (i hope there isnt a similar tutorial like this posted before)
program: photoshop CS2
difficulty: easy
steps: 7 with no selective coloring

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Saving .GIFs?

Yo. Sorry if there is a very obvious answer to this, or if it's in the memories and I've missed it-- but I just got a mac and whenever I save a gif and click on it, it doesn't move, it's just one frame..or it saves all the frames and you can click through them all..but it doesn't move by its self. Wut do I dooo? :(

Announcement - New community!

*this post has been approved by the moderator here, etoilepb.


You may have noticed the huge amount of "how can I get this coloring?" questions in icon_tutorial during the last few months.

Now things are about to change, because from now on coloring_help will be the place to ask that particular question.

We (both myself and the moderators here at icon_tutorial) hope that with every ones help, all "how can I get this coloring?" questions will be posted at coloring_help and not here at icon_tutorial, from here on out.

More information will be given soon, by the moderators here at i_t, on how this will effect icon_tutorial in the future.


JOIN and/or WATCH coloring_help

coloring_help is here to keep all the "how can I get this coloring?" questions in one place, separate from all the other questions and tutorials out there.

So if you have a "how can I get this coloring?" question, or you would like to help people achieve the colorings they want, join us at coloring_help.

Please make sure you read and understand the rules located in the profile page and in the sidebar of the community, before you post AND before you comment to a post.

Looking forward to see you there!

Thank you for your time!