December 15th, 2008


Carvelur tutorial n.2


Other examples: 
Program used: Photoshop CS2
Steps: 6
PSD included
Tutorial text availble to download.
Comments are appreciated.
Credit if using.

It's important to read the tips at the end of the post.

Please, comment here in my jounal.
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Help with this graphic?

Credit goes to first of all ^^
I've seen these types of graphics all over the place and have never really gotten the hang of making them. There is just so much going on in it I wouldn't know where to begin. It would be a great deal of help if someone could help me ^__^

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I'm mainly looking to achieve the effect she has in her text that says "DemiseBoo" and all those little symbols all around the image. Hope I'm not breaking the rules...since im not asking for a "How do i get this coloring" LMAO

I'm using Photoshop CS3
If i need to add anything let me know ♥

solved, thanks everyone ^^

Carvelur tutorial n.3


Other examples:   

Program used: Photoshop CS2
Steps: 5
PSD included
Tutorial text availble to download.
Comments are appreciated.
Credit if using.

It's important to read the tips at the end of the post.

Please, comment herein my jounal.

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texture help

im under the impression that the dark [black] part of textures like this can be removed so that only the light bits show up.
can somebody please tell me how to do this?? i want to use the texture on this pic - but i only want the light thingies


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I need massive help!...

So a while back I asked my mum if she could get me the latest Photoshop because I saw these amazing icons and I wanted to make them so she got me Photoshop CS3 and I've played around with it for a couple of months and I am absolutly hopeless at it. Can anyone help me find a tutorial where it showes you how to start from scratch? I havn't even got the cropping part down yet. I've had a look at the memories but I couldn't find one. Unless I just missed it.

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HELP needed!!

Ok, this is not exactly an icon question but since many of you make videos too, I am positive there's someone out there who can help me...

My boss came to the office this afternoon and told me to convert a video file to a smaller size, preferrably still avi but that's not as important as these...

The problem are the following attributes the video MUST have:

1) Most important of all: a compression method that EVERY computer with WINDOWS could open, no matter if it's Windows1998 or XP or Vista. So no XVid, no DivX and things like that, just codecs that are pre-installed on every Windows computer that's out there (ok, let's say from Win1998 to Vista including NT)
2) maximum filesize of ~20Mb (original is ~100Mb)
3) still good quality of the picture
4) no audio
5) I have to finish this task like yesterday (ASAP!!)
6) I almost forgot, it needs to be possible to open this file within a presentation which will be opened with "Powerpoint viewer"...

Impossible?? ^^

The original video was recorded with a digital camera.
I have the full edition of "Total Video Converter", I have some other free converters "Alive video converter, Stoik video converter and Any video converter" but if you got suggestions for good and free programs that would be great.

Any ideas??
Any further questions??

PLEASE, any suggestion is greatly appreciated!! And the faster the better because I NEED to finish it tomorrow morning which is in ~12 hours.
Oh how much I love tasks that your boss hands you and where he expects a result by yesterday... *me is annoyed*


Finally this is over! :) 3 Weeks of free time.
Well, we somehow managed to get it working with mpg format MPEG1 encoding.
I found out why all my trials didn't work! DESHAKER!! The colleague ran a deshaker on these files and somehow Win98 and 2000 don't get that to work. My boss is not happy about "no deshaker" and is so certain he'll find a way but well, he'll see that it will be hard. ;)


makeup tuts?

I don't even know if I'm asking in the correct place, but does anyone here know where I can find some tutorials on makeup? SPECIFICALLY dealing with adding eyeliners and enhancing skin tones? I did have some picture examples but the urls aren't working for me :-\ 
Similar to these;
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I use photoshop 7! Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone could point me to a tutorial on how to make a regular pictures look like it's been drawn. i did a banner once with for an rpg character using a model and the affect look like it was a painting almost, i haven't been able to do it again. i was hoping maybe there was a tutorial for doing the effect. i've looked in the memories and wasn't sure what to look for and didn't seen anything for something like that.