December 16th, 2008


Snow tutorial help

Hi there,

Last year (a lot can happen in a year, I know ><; ) I found a really cool snow tutorial, and used it on an icon I made here:

But unfortunately, i've misplaced the tutorial to use it again now it's Christmas! =( Does anyone know the link to it, or a tutorial similar?

Much thanks,

some problems

i am using Photoshop CS2, and have met up with some problems using the text tool while following a path. i used the pen tool to create my path, and used the text tool to type my text out. however, not all the text i typed can be seen and there's this weird circle at the end of the text that can be seen. i dont think i make sense but click under the cut for the screenshot. i hope i can get some help here D:
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Move Tool problem

Hi guys, I don't know if this question is suited here and I checked the FAQ but I couldn't find the answer there. So my problem is the Hand Tool is selected even though it's supposed to be the Move Tool. So yeah, I can't drag things the way it was before and I can't figure it out. Tried the menus and everything but I can't. :|||| Please help me? I have nothing to offer but I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance! :)

animated icons

I'm happy i found this community...i need help with making an animated icon.
I saw a lot of pretty icons that people made from parts of movies and videos, and i wanted to make ones myslef, so i downloaded tones of weird programs that were really weird(which i deleted very fast) can anyone tell me which programs i need to use? (the only program i have is Photoshop 7), and will i have to buy a program? because i cant afford that :\ id be really happy if someone would explain and ill appreciate it, thanks :)
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Miley Cyrus Tutorial

Program: Photoshop CS2
Steps: Seven
Difficultly (1-10): 7

You can make icons like this as well :), just thought to illustrate it would be better to use a bigger image

Tutorial on how to achieve this >>

Some icons made with this tutorial:

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