December 24th, 2008

Help finding a tutorial

I need help finding this tutorial that I saw, I swear, at some point either today or yesterday. It wasn't that long ago. It was of a Hayley Williams icon, and the coloring was sort of dark, and the red in her hair was a burgundy color. I have looked all over the place, can anybody point me in the direction of where it might be?

faded borders(frustated)

hey i actually learned how to do this but i compltely forgot i put a layer on top of the whole thing!?but is it a transparent and everytime i try to erase it says the area its empty also when i put the layer on top of the whole thing does the first pik need to be selected!? also when i erase (eraser tool) to fade it(btw i use the eraser brush with a soft edge) n tranfer it to image ready the first pik only seems to be faded and this is when my tranparents layer its on top of the whole thing!!!i cannot believe I forgot how to do this!!! also when i use the paintbrush to try fade it it fades but the background comes out BLACK!!i dont want this i want it to be transparent n even if i save it as a gif the background still remains there. i dunno wuts wrong!!is it my settings!? cus i learned how to make this like a month ago n now i completely forgot( i know sad):( lol! . Im practically going nuts cause i want to paste it in this picture  this is  the one that i did! and i think i remember not being when i saved it a freakin black background on it!i just pasted it into the black icon n voila!

Edit:I SOLVED IT!!jaja!!I learned how to make it!FINALLY!!THX FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO HELPED!!
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