December 26th, 2008

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Tutorial → Uruha [the GazettE]

This is my first tutorial~! Please, be nice? ;o; I decided to jump on the bandwagon, and create my own! I'm hoping this'll help you all~ I've added a few descriptive explinations along with what to do in this tutorial, so sorry if I talk a lot. I tend to get carried away. On to the tutorial!

Go from
to ~!

Program: Photoshop 7.0
PSD: Yes~ Download it here.
Translatable: No, it's uses selective coloring.
Steps: 4~
Difficulty: Easy!

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Fireworks Tutorial help

Hello there. I was wondering if any anybody could direct me to a fireworks making tutorial (if there is one)? An animated one preferably. I looked through the memories and tags, but I am not that sure what to look for. I tried but I did not find it. Or maybe I just missed it? Thank you very much to all those who could help. ^^

Tutorial #4

This is a tutorial of Haley James Scott from One Tree Hill. This tutorial works best with lighter screen caps.

From this: To this:

Program: Photoshop CS4
Translatable: No, selective coloring
Steps: 6
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

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(no subject)

so, i am planning a huge animated icons post in the new year centering around the ever slashy pair of mvp and mr. kennedy (points to those who know who they are) and i want to create frames like this (made byrory_tutorgirl ), meaning a frame between a very cool texture to give the animated icon more unique-ness.

now i know how to make the frame cut in the middle (and i have textures) but when i go to add a border around the frame it doesn't show and as a result of this, the icon looks pretty bad without a cool border color around the frame.

in short: does anyone know how to add a border to a frame you use for animated icons. better yet, can anyone give me a step by step way to create frames in textures? i might be doing it wrong to begin with. Thanks to anyone who helps, i'd really appreciate it. :)
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