December 27th, 2008

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I'm very new to editing, so could anyone tell me how to resize the part of my image when i have sliced it to what size i want it down to (100x100)?
Oh, and how to get rid of the parts of the image i don't want anymore.
Edit: Sorry, i'm using Adobe Photoshop CS2
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Selective coloring alternative?

Hey there. I use PSP XI, and I don't have access to any Adobe products except Elements 6. Ergo, no selective coloring for me. =( I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tutorials to achieve something similar to this product, without the steps that are incompatible with poor PSP users.


If anyone has any ideas at all, that'd be excellent. Again, I use PSP XI, but I also have access to PSP 8 if that helps at all. Thank you SO MUCH in advance.

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okay. so for the longest time i've been trying to figure out who to make animations like these
(creditrory_tutorgirl )
i can't find any tutorials for my program, i use photoshop cs3 btw, i always find tutorials for cs2 and image ready and all those other program. so what i'm saying is can someone please tell me how? please?