January 2nd, 2009


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For some reason my photoshop (I have PS7) won't let me save anything. I've tried different things but nothing seems to work. Here's what pops up when I try to same something:

I'm not sure what it means by "that document is currently open" because none of the files I have open are named that. I would rather not restart the program seeing as I have some stuff up I've yet to save. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
ayumi hamasaki2


Hi! I would like to achieve this kind of effect but I have no idea how

by wecrash 

The last three icons...I know it's not the same effect as the first one but it's pretty close. I searched for a tutorial but I found nothing. Help you be really appreciated-


I'm using KMPlayer to get part of video what I want and I use Any Video Converter to change file type to mpg but it change the size of my video too and there isn't any way to get it exactly or similar to the original size (i've tried with the chooses what program gave). Maybe there is any good converter who can only change format and not the resolution or video size?

I wouldn't ask it here if it wouldn't be about making mini movies in photoshop cs3 and if the video in avi file wouldn't be blank when I import it.

Saving in Imagready

Sorry if this has been asked a bajillion times. I checked the tags, but I didn't see anything.

I made a banner in imageready. I usually use animation shop, but the person asked for a scrolling text, and the only tutorials I found for that were imageready. So I followed that, finally got it done, and went to go save.

I've clicked "save optimized", and it's only letting me save as .png or .html. I need to save it as a gif, obviously. Is there something I'm doing wrong? D: