January 3rd, 2009

Coloring Manga?

I wanted to know
-what skin colors are best to be used, if anyone had a guide or pallete they use.
-Any good techniques that can be used for bringing out color
-Any techniques that can make it seem like it's a certain time of day (like a bleached summer look or nightime look)
-Techniques with turning scans (or screencaps/anime images) into lineart

I use Photoshop cs3 extended
Thank you if you can help
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The Master Guide to Curves

I wrote this tutorial a long time ago in my community prettylondon but the images were lost. I reuploaded them so that people could continue to benefit from this tutorial.

Oh yes, this is a tutorial for curves, the greatest tool ever in Photoshop. I hardly use anything else but them, and from all your questions on icon_tutorial I've decided that why not make a master curves tutorial, just so everyone won't be so lost. I will try my best to explain everything in detail and in easy to follow instructions, but I can't promise anything. As easy as curves are, they are just as difficult to get the hang of. I'm constantly seeing icons that I know for a fact were made using curves that look horrible because they aren't being used correctly.

The Tutorial is under a cut, it is VERY VERY LONG and includes A LOT OF PICTURES SO IT IS NOT DIAL UP SAFE.

Program: Photoshop CS but goes down to 4.0 I believe

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[Mod Post] Community Content

Hi gang,

Please observe what you have and haven't been seeing in the community while we're on moderated posting.

We've started directing all posts containing no more than, "This coloring?" to a new community, coloring_help. This is going to be a permanent change, because it's turning out to work very well indeed. Please direct those questions there... and review their rules.

We've also been screening tutorials for quality, which is a first. Several dozen of you have received rejection e-mails reading:
Due to volume, we're being selective about what gets through the moderation queue.

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to resubmit a modified version of this post containing descriptions, methods, and reasoning. However, because of holiday volume we are severely limiting the number of approved posts that are "recipes" containing numbers that will only work on one specific image and nothing more.

Please take this to heart all year long. Over the 10 days we've been on moderated posting so far, I have seen the quality and relevance of submissions to the queue increase dramatically, and I hope we can retain that level of content.

Also, PLEASE read the rules before you submit a post! A solid 30% of submissions to the queue have been rejected for outright rules violations.

As always, thank you all for your active participation. A community is only as strong as its members, and we have a fantastic core group -- of tens of thousands! -- over here. :) We'll be pulling the community off of moderation sometime during the first back-to-school-and-work-week of the year, after January 5th.



Iconning: Tips and Tricks

Instead of writing a tutorial on how to do a specific icon here are a collection of tips and tricks that I have been using that may be helpful to iconners of all levels, I use PSP so you will have to discover relevant names that may not be within your own program.

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This can be deleted if it's not allowed ...

Does anyone know where to find a community that gives help on screencapping?

I use KMPlayer and when trying to do automatic captures where the program does them their self, I end up with litteraly thousands of caps and it's not even 2 minutes into the clip, I've tried changing the settings and it doesn't hlp.

Here's how the settings look I hope someone can step me in the right Community if you can't hlep =)