January 4th, 2009


fish eyeee.

does anyone know how to make this effect?

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<img src="http://cdn.purevolume.com/cdnImages/resize_590x1500/Artist-5861312-DSC_1041.jpg">
yeahhh, i need that effect. even the edges like how its glowing and stufff. help anyone? i'd appreciate it.

Daaarling UK

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Please delete if this is not allowed :)

I have a picture that has been scanned from a newspaper. I was hoping someone could help me get the "grainy" look out from the picture and make it look anyway sharper.

Thank you! <3
• hooded orton.

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I'm actually getting annoyed with not being able to figure this out. I come to you guys for help.

Everytime I try to do a curves layer, I come up with this. Keep in mind that this picture is what it looks like on any curves layer I do.

I am a dinosaur, so I still use PSP7.
Appreciate ya.