January 5th, 2009

Marvel Clint/Kate shoulder shooting

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Ok, I hope it's ok to ask my question here, cause it's about a bigger graphic, and about texture use. If not, please just delete it.

Anway . . . Most of the time, I'm backing off from textures, but I decided it's time for me to learn how to use them. *nods*
And usually, I won't ask about how-to-do something and hunt for tutorials myself, but there's a little something about a wallpaper I'm playing around with, and it's just driving me nuts.

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SOLVED!! Thanks!! :-)

I need your help please

Hi everyone. Hope ya'll had a safe yet fun New Years celebration...

My PC was just recently rebuilt into a hybrid MAC/PC, Back then, I had been doing all my PS CS3 editing on my PC and have been constantly using KMP player for all my screen capture needs (especially for my animated icons). Since getting this hybrid, I've lost my KMP player program. I tried to install the latest version but any audio/screen/frame capture capabilities are now gone. So my question to you is, what new software would you recommend in KMP Player's place to do all my screen capping needs. Since I have a hybrid machine, either applications for MAC or Windows would be appreciated.

I miss making animated icons T_T


Star eyes


Okay so im officially upset!
So I see all these Icon tuts and I really want to do them.
I try and then come across a thing called "Raster Layers".
I search and search my photoshop for it, in hopes of finding such a layer.
Alas I am left very confused and angry that this layer of sorts is no where to be seen.
This is what I have seen on my photoshop...
This "Raster Layer" has... disappeared.
I have "Rasterize" as you can see, but no "Raster Layer"
I have tried my rasterize but that doenst seem to do what it should.
Help would be greatly appericated.
I use Photoshop 7.

Edit: Nevermind. I got it figured out lol. =)