January 6th, 2009

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Tutorial → Aoi [the GazettE]

Okay, so a friend of mine asked for me to make an Aoi banner for her MySpace using a really greenish-yellow picture. When I showed her the result, she asked me to write the tutorial posted below. This is a fairly simple process if you have pictures similar to the Aoi picture I used below. There's only TWO STEPS listed below, so this is probably going to be a very useful (and unbelievably easy!) tutorial.

As always, each picture varies, but the steps I used below helped immensely with the ROCK AND READ issue featuring Aoi. Never be afraid to play with selective coloring; I achieved the results by doing just that! On to the tutorial~

From to

Program: Photoshop 7.0
PSD: Yes~ Download it here.
Translatable: No, includes selective coloring.
Steps: 2!
Difficulty: Incredibly easy~

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Other examples:

watch x join x affiliate?

help (:

um I looked everywhere
but i couldnt find a tutorial
where you can cut somebody out of a picture
and then place them in another
and make it flow well.

also. i cant get downloaded fonts to work in my psp anybody know why?

help anybody?

ps. i use psp x2
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. :)
I've been trying to get this editing for such a long time!
But I was never able to get it. :/ - does anybody know how?

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I use Paintshop Pro 8 and Photoshop CS3. :)

Thank you very much! :D
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Does anyone know of any tutorials to make icons like these? (The coloring of the skin)
Also, I'm looking for good airbrushing tutorials to create a natural smooth skin like this one.

I use PS CS2, but I'm also fine with CS3.
Thanks in advance.

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