January 8th, 2009


question about the eraser tool

i don't know exactly how i managed to do this, but each time i go to erase something in photoshop cs, i always get the eraser that's set in the 'block mode', now i thought i could just go back and change it to 'brush mode' but when i do, it no longer erases anything. the only time i can erase anything is if it's in the 'block mode'.

how can i fix that?


Any idea on how to achieve the beautiful glow this icon has? I have already tried the Gaussian Blur set to soft light but it doesn't do too much.

Please help. I am dying to make some icons like this!
(spn) Dean looking up
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I was wondering if anyone knew how to make an icon like this? It's from a screencap of the show General Hospital, but I don't have the original cap. I don't really know who made it either.

Star eyes

Colouring Help!!

Okay so I need some help.
I have PS7 by the way.
I have been editing my pictures with the tutorials on here and I try them out and all my pictures are turning out way too dark.
I try to mess with them to get them to do what I want and it just looks unprofessional and not very good quality.
So what I am asking is if I could get anyhelp or tips or anything that could be useful to me so i could get my pictures to look good.
The look i am going for is like this one. (below)

(picture by http://awakenendbydreams.deviantart.com/ on deviantArt.com)

I want them to be vivid and full of colour insead of dark, bland and unprofessional looking.
Thanks so much in advance.
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