January 11th, 2009

Help Font.

Can somebody help me? I dont noe whats happend... My font i set on 70px but i cannot see this (its very big size though) so i set it on 1296 pkt but nothing is so small. I tried close Photoshop but still nothing. I dont noe what i did.

EDIT: Problem solved.

KM Player wont screencap

I swear my laptop is starting to hate me.

It was working fine for me the other day, and then I download these clips from everglow and KMPlayer decides to act up.
I know someone else posted the same question over here and didn't really get an answer.

I've also been getting this error:
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Hopefully someone can help? Please?

Thanks in advance!


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Greetings all! This tutorial is for you to achieve the same results I did on this kylie header/banner. Feel free to comment with results and of course, your welcome to add my lj account if you wish! :) . This is the first banner I have made in over a year, so I hope you enjoy.

This is the bannar in question: Photobucket
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