January 13th, 2009

Help with the Enter button

I'm a lurker on this community but I need some help.

I use photoshop 7.0 Adobe.

My Enter button on photoshop doesn't enter the way it does. If I do it goes all the way down and you can't read it. So it's not like this

Rest your head

I'll try and explain it but that how it ends up as^
it's like that you can't see it like that and when I type
it like this and if you type more than a little bit it doesn't do that.

I’m permanent

I’m permanent

I just need some help! Please Thanks.

(no subject)

No one ever answers this question for me.
why cant i make a good quality icon?
ugh... i do my best. this icon has about 25 layers and yet it wont let me upload it in a good quality...
this is the one that Lj let me use, and it looks really bad...:

i want it to look good as this one, in quality, even in a little less of a good quality but not as the other one, even if it has to be in black and white...: