January 16th, 2009

Thanks in advance or Remove if not Allowed.

So I recently switched computers and lost my old graphics programs in the process. I looked through the FAQ but that didn't answer the questions I originally had.

The programs were Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Adobe Photoshop 7; I'd love to get them back but that's not possible. Now I have been looking around for programs, I know GIMP is a free program and I'm NOT going to drop anything more then one hundred dollars or so for a new program.

Anyways, my question is given those programs that I'm used to what type of program would you suggest?

Besides the free programs I am currently looking at Paint Shop Pro Photo X. I loved how easily I could make icons on PSP8 and enjoyed the way I could edit and add layers and textures in PS7, so any suggestions?

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A while ago someone requested a base prep tutorial. Sorry it took me forever and a day but here is what I basically do for my base prepping. I used a 200x200 image but the tutorial is the same for 100x100. I just chose a bigger image so you could see the actual differences :)

From this Photobucket

Done in PSPX2
Level: Easy, this is for absolute beginners. May seem a bit juvenile for more advanced graphics makers.
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Mickey Mouse Stock

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I hope I don't confuse anyone. I needs some .gif help. I know how to make them and set timing, but when I upload them to photobucket, they are much faster than what I saw in my ImageReady. How can I save the timing per slide when uploading to the internet?
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Saving animations

Hi, I managed to save an animation that I made on Photoshop CS3 at college, however I exported it onto a PSD file. When I opened it on Elements 5 at home, the animation was still; didn't move.

I was wondering next time round after I finish making an animation, what should I save it on? There are choices such as video and GIF, apparently.

Thanks in advance
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Coloring help?

does someone of you know, how I can achieve this coloring, especially the one in the first picture?
I asked the maker already but she can´t remember how she did it and she has a different programm, no ps.
Thanks in advance