January 25th, 2009

tutorial; dean winchester

From this to

Tutorial for: Photoshop CS2
Made in: Photoshop CS2
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate, knowledge of your program is a MUST!
Image Heavy? Sort of. But dial-up friendly I'd say.
Translatable?Yes, to a point. You could skip the selective color step in this icon and the outcome wouldn't be affected too much.
PSD included? Yes.

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Tutorial: Nathan and Haley

tutorial: nathan and haley
A tutorial for this coloring has been requested a few times, so here it is. I've been using this coloring for quite a while now, so I can't remember exactly why I originally did some of the things I did, but I'll try to explain it the best I can.

Using Photoshop 7. Non-translatable, sorry! 17 steps.
Requires knowledge of photoshop tools (selective color, curves, etc.)

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Font size

Hi everyone,

I hope it's okay if I post my question here, I didn't really know where else to go. If it isn't, I apologize.

I just made an icon and wanted to add some text. But the text is so small, it's barely readable. Even at the maximum size of 72 pt. I remember having this problem before and found the answer somewhere on LJ, but I can't remember where. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Thanks heaps!


Hi =]

I have a question and I kinda need an answer. I've downloaded a couple of .psd files, so I could use the coloring they've used. Everytime I open (well, try to open that .psd picture by going to my folder in my documents and then clicking on it) I get this message:
An undefined error has occurred- 565.
I use PSP 7 btw.
Any help would be appreciated. =] 
Thanks :D

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Icon Tutorial #2 feat. Kaya

This is an old tutorial that I made half a year ago. I really like the result cuz it's not too strong yet not too plain. Thought I erased it. Im so glad I found it! Here it is before I forget about it:
From  to  then
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Steps: 4-6
Program: Photoshop CS
Translatable: Nope
PSD: Yes

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Other Examples:


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i made this icon () a few months back, when i was still lurking around icon_tutorial. for a week now ive not been able to find the tutorial i made this from or get the same coloring back. any kind soul, please help me find this coloring. i'm very sure i used one of the colorings here. this is the original is you need. thanks so much.