January 30th, 2009

Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

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Difficulty: easy/medium
Steps: 7-8 steps . Depending on whether you use the texture or not .
Translatable: uses a layer of black and white gradient map :P
but you may be able to tranlate that . And this tutorial has no selective colouring .
Uses: Colour Fills, one texture layer and a gradient map layer .

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Does anyone know how I can do this ...

Okay, this isn't really an icon question, but I have no idea where to ask. So I'm going to ask here. I want to make a music video for a song. But the problem is I have a vision in my head and I don't know what program will allow me to make my vision come alive.

See what I want to happen is this: [I’ll try to explain the best I can] …
I want to have objects, and I want them to look like neon lights, but they’ll have their original form (kinda)

But they’ll also have a neon lightish effect.

I want the two object to come together (Collide) and burst into neon smoke.

Also, the neon light. Um, I kind of want them to look like the ones from those IPOD commercials.

Does anyone know what program I can use to do this and possible what tutorial(s) might help me? Please and thank you.

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I just got photoshop cs4. I made an icon in it, and I wanted to save it as a .png. When I go to the drop-down menu to save as a .png, the file format "png" wasn't there. I tried everything - deleting the preferences, trying on a different image, blah. And I can't reinstall it considering it was my uncle's disk and he just lent it to me so I could install it. Oh, and "save for web" works - but it's a pain to do that everytime.

Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated. :D

photoshop / imgready tut ~ greys anatomy animation

Learn how to make

from and
Sorry about the crappiness of the tut, I've havent made animation tuts in ages
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If you're going to use this tutorial, I'd love a link back to your work, or at least a comment ^_~
comments/mems @ my journal appreciated