February 1st, 2009

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a little problem.

Hi! I use Photoshop and ImageReady. Everytime I try to make an animated icon, it only lets me have six pictures and that's when it's optimized to less colors, otherwise it goes over ljs limit of 40kb. But I've seen other people make kind of long animated icons. And I'm curious if anyone knows how to keep the file size down.
Please and thank-you if you can help. :)
Let me know if what I said doesn't make much sense.
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Photoshop CS4
8 steps (easy)
Not translateable (selective coloring)
.PSD? Yes

other examples

TIP. This effect looks best on dark pictures, like this one on which I'll show you changes in colors. On bright ones it ends up with 'an angel' effect - very bright and pure.

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Sped up icons and fuzzy text.

So I recently(finally) figured out how to make the little movie sequences from shows to use on icons - only to then realize dealing with them was a huge pain.  So I did the usual, shortened it, took out frames, lengthened frames that were there etc.  I even read in a post somewhere in this com about the little arrow to click in the top right corner of image ready so it would know I needed the file to be 40kb.  Despite all that I still have a very odd problem. (I use Photoshop CS3 and Image Ready...I have Fireworks but little idea how to use it.)

So I made a testing icon and saved it, it played fine in Image Ready and when opened on my computer it still played fine(maybe a little slow and the fuzzy text I never seem to be able to avoid..but fine).  However when I upload it onto the internet via lj or photobucket its like its on fast forward.  I've had icons slow down on me before but never up!  Its also fast if I open it in fireworks - what on earth is wrong and how do I fix it?

I'm still going through old posts for good ways to fit in these longer sequences, but off hand how many frames total should I be able to fit you think?  Any help or links on ways to avoid fuzzy text when saved would also be loved, theres just so much info here!