February 3rd, 2009

lee soo young

Coloring Tutorial (:

A new tutorial!!
from to
Program: Corel Paint Shop Pro X
Translatable?: Yep! Not to Photo Shop Elements though.
Steps: 6
Difficulty: Medium, I think. You kinda have to know curves.
Includes: Levels, Curves, Floodfill, Channel Mixer, Color balance
PSD?: nope, but I have the PSP file if you want that!

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Other Examples

using a photoshop action on a folder of images

hi ive just started making icons againand want to know if theres a way to crop several images into bases at once. so once ive capped a trailer/episode/movie etc is there a way i can put that whole folder of images into photoshop and use a photoshop action on them all without opening each file individually. ( i want to use a simple cropping action) sorry if im not clear, any help will be greatly appreciated.
i use Photoshop CS2 btw, thanks :)