February 14th, 2009

Texture Help!!!!

Hi Everyone, My first post her on This community but I need some help here and I am really sorry if this is not allowed :)

I Use Paint Shop Pro 8 and I don't know how to add a textured to my icons, I've tried and tried and I just don't know how, Can anyone tell me how to add a teexture to make my icons more pretty!

 (I am A blate fan but this is the kind of texture i want LOL)

This is the kind of texture I'd like or Just a Red glow in the middle like some have, if anyopne can Help 'd very much appreciate it!
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Help, please?

I made this animation with Imageready 7.0 and when I tried uploading it as my userpic, it says the size is too large. I've been making animated gifs for a while now and I've tried various ways such as shaving a few frames and lowering the quality just to compress the size to 40kb or below but it seems that those techniques wont work in this particular gif. .__.

I would REALLY appreciate it if anybody can suggest other ways to compress an animation size without ruining the quality because that'll be a total waste, nee. D:

Thanks in advance. ^^

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Eye shades in PhotoShop 7.0


can you please advice the best way to make it look like a person has eye shades, or lip stick while s/he actually has none in the original picture? Any tips or links would be highly appreciated.

Also, in PhotoShop 7.0, I used to be able to see the shape of the chosen brush I've used as a rubber, I assume I must have clicked something and now the rubber displays as a square which is not very convenient for erasing details...

Many thanks for any tips!
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