February 28th, 2009

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Help! Applying filter to multiple layers CS4

I've just upgraded to Photoshop CS4 from using CS, and (after finally working out how to make animated icons from .mov files again) I wondered if its possible to sharpen or apply a filter to multiple layers? When I make animations I can have *many* layers and I often sharpen/fade sharpen... Also in CS clicking on a layer used to make it appear if it was hidden, however not in CS4 :(
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[Mod Post] Who *is* Icon_tutorial for?

Hi gang,

I've created a brief demographics poll, under the cut. It asks a very few questions about our membership, and it would help us, going forward, if you'd take a second to complete it.

Please skip any question you're not comfortable with. In the age and language questions, the available options are based off of what seems most common on LiveJournal, not what's most common in the world at large.

Knowing more about the basics of our members will help us add appropriate mod staff (time zone and language), keep the rules user-friendly (language and age), and keep the content relevant (programs used).

(P.S. -- I forgot to put a space to specify what "other" languages you speak, so please feel free to leave that in the comments!)

Thank you!

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