March 1st, 2009

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[Mod Post] Pushing the Poll!

Hi gang,

I know things slip through the community fast, so I'd like to be obnoxious re-publicize the demographics poll from yesterday, and encourage anyone who hasn't taken it yet to take it!

I'll be pushing it a few more times in the next day or two, and then I'll let it rest. Since according to our userinfo we have about 20,000 people watching the community, and 28,000 members overall, I'd like to have more than a few hundred responses. ;)

The first-ever icon_tutorial user demographics poll!


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We will be making this:

It's my first wallpaper tut - so bear with me. I will be hosting images in imageshack this time as they come out in thumbnails. I use PSCS4, but there are no coloring layers, in other words, it's translatable. I'd say it's kinda difficult, but that's because it's a wallpaper and it's my first wallpaper tut.
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