March 4th, 2009

CS2 Issues.

Hi, guys~~me again u_u
I'm having trouble with Photoshop CS2.
My brush tool does not seem to work at all. I tried using it on my icons and it just doesn't paint anything.
The opacity and fill are all at 100%, too,so I'm not sure what could be going on...
anyone know what it could be?

-Yes, layer is at the top
-The layer is visible and as it should be.

Texture Tutorial

I made first at severalplums's texture challenge and this is my tutorial for it. I think I made this originally in PS CS3 (using PS7 to compare with my notes and make the pictures used in this tutorial) using primarily filters.

Warning: This tutorial is image heavy!
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Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear or just because :)