March 7th, 2009

Heather - Imitated and Duplicated

How to get this effect?

This is an icon I found while looking at icons on Photobucket. I am not claiming ownership and give full credit to whomever created it. I was wondering how to get the effects on this icon. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

EDIT: I am using CS3 and I would like to know how to get the effect on the font, the border, the animation, the background and how the hearts seemed to be raised from the background? Also, how to get the blind effect on the background? I apologize on not stating this in my earlier post, this is my first time posting :) Thanks again for any and all help.

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An easy way to fix extremly blue picture.

Program: Paint Shop Pro
Level: easy
Steps: 10
Translateable: Yes
.psp: after requesting by at least 10 people

tip. As I said before, this tutorial will show how, in very easy way, get rid of blue shadows and colors at the picture. It won't work on photos, which are not naturally blue - you will end up with lots of red/orange shadows. I recommend to use this effect on pictures, like Jaejoong's one, which is going to show you changes in colors. I tried this one on other 'blueish' pictures. The best influence has got first curves layer, so try to play around with its settings. Let's start ^^.
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Icon Tutorial #3 feat. SuG

Difficulty: Medium -have to have a rough idea of what pics will look best with the tut.
Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 9
Translatable: No. Uses selective color
PSD: Yep!
Works best with images that don't have much yellow or that the background isn't red or magenta. It looks really nice with images that have blue or green and that have bits of already vibrant-ish magenta or red. (such as lip stick or... hair. XD)

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