March 8th, 2009

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Photoshop message.

Every time I've been opening Photoshop CS4, I've been getting sort of notification that I'm not sure I totally understand. (I admit it's written in plain English but maybe I'm just stupid.)

The strange thing is that I was scared that it would effect my graphicing, but so far it seems to not have changed anything at all. However, I would like it fixed, considering it makes me pretty nervous. ._.

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inception → a/e colorful in blue

guide on using textures, v.2

1. General tips
2. Backgrounds
3. Coloring
4. Light effects
5. Adding texture, decoration and other effects
6. Composition

There will a lot of examples, so expect this to be very image heavy.
Textures that aren't credited are my own.

Icons are made with Photoshop CS2, but all techniques are translatable to other programs.

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Sorry if this is silly, but I'm brand new to making graphics and literally know... nothing!

If i have a B&W texture, how to I add color to it, to make it look good?

I have no idea how to use CS4 (i was on painshop before) So any advice on where to get started making icons, would be great! Thanks everyone.