March 15th, 2009

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I am back with another tut/psd :)

This time we are going to concentrate on pictures that have a lot of blue on it.
The tutorial will work perfectly on such pictures, it really makes the blue, yellow and red pump out.
Anyway, for our tut we going to use Jennifer Garner's picture. Notice how much blue there is on
the background and some on her dress, though you can't see it properly. It is important anyway :)

So, here's the tutorial:

Made in: Photoshop CS2
PSD: Yes ;)

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Here are examples of icons made with this tutorial:

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Writing: Plots Stealing Sanity

A question about, uh, something?

I'm not even sure a) this even GOES here, or b) if it can be done. But this is the issue.

I'm a nutcase and like the effects in the Charles Schwab commercials out (at least in the US) and A Scanner Darkly. (Some big word I can't spell) See image here. I was wondering if there was any somewhat easy way to get that effect on an icon? Any help would be great...even if it's just "". Thank you! :)
Doctor? Doctor who?

Ultimate Text Tutorial

Hey! I've made a GIANT text tutorial, covering placement, readabilty, and other stuff! Check it out! I made it all an image file because it covers so much I wanted it to be nicely organized. Plus, I didn't have internet access when I posted it. However, that means that it's a HUGE image (about 3mb) so be warned! Click at your own risk!

P.S. I'm not entirely sure how to tag this, since it's not REALLY an effect, just general text... Because I've see so many nice icons ruined by poor use of text. So if I tagged it wrong, I'm REALLY sorry. 

Comments and questions can be posted here or over at my community will_icon_4food 

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{Coffee} whipped

aspect ratio

hey guys,

I've checked the memories and saw dtissagirl's post on aspect ratio but I'm a little bit confused.

I make my own screencaps and they're either 720x480 or 960x536. Except for Romeo+Juliet that's 1248x704.

Anyway, I've always made icons based on my caps (obviously) and the aspect ratio never came up as being wrong. Now I'm wondering because I made an icon for a contest and all reasons for being voted off was the aspect ratio and how the subjects were all squished. When I crop my images, I make sure to crop equal on each side (nifty little button on the keyboard as well as the crop tool in PS7). My only reaction in seeing this particular icon with the others was how the others looked stretched but I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, what are the proper sizes in capping??

Tutorial # 3

Hi guys!
Since my last tutorial was so popular, I decided I'm gonna post one more :)
This is an old one of mine and it works on most of the pictures, especially celebrity photoshoots.
Anyway, for this tut I chose the beautiful Jessica Alba. She's georgeous!


Here are some examples of what you're gonna get:

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Hope you'll enjoy it!
Credit would be appreciated, as well as comments! <3

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