March 17th, 2009

sherlock, london

Button Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make an avie that looks like a button. The shadow effect is a little off on mine, but if you make the button part smaller than the 94x94 that I suggested in the tutorial the shadow effect will work better.

Going from this: to this:

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So, i would love to know what programs you guys use. And if u pay money for it. I always seem to find free trial programs for designing my graphics, but that only lasts a few months. Any suggestions? <3 renee :3
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Tutorial #002: SYTYCD Australia (Kat/Danny)

Tutorial #2 @ reflexive_verb
bringing out the image's natural color so you don't go crazy

from this image >>>> sytycd

+ Photoshop 7.0
+ beginner//intermediate
+ translatable because selective color is optional
+ if you'd like to re-post this anywhere, just ask first ♥
+ original icon post can be found here

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Riku - cynical riku

[ icon_tutorial question #1: outward-to-center blur ]

First of all, I would just like to say what a great community this is! I had to place digital printmaking/web design on the shelves a while back, and thanks to this little pool of talent, I've been practicing getting back in the loop.

Onto my question: How do I create a blur effect like the one that's in the image Collapse )

I'm trying to create a blur that goes around the image (in a circle) and gradually fades out as you get to the center of the image (center circle). I'm pretty sure there was a filter I used for this when I had PSP, but I now use Photoshop CS3.
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Icon Tutorial #5 feat. Takanori and Mima-rin

Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 10
Translatable: No, has selective color and gradient map
PSD: Yes
Works best with good quality images. (and im not just saying that to annoy you). Carefull with images of people that have too much red/magenta in their skin! This tutorial works better with anime/cartoons rather than manga/comics.

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