March 18th, 2009

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Importing Videos into PScs3

I'm having some trouble importing videos into my photoshop cs3. I know your suppose to go to File >> Import >> Video Frames to Layers and I select the video, which is by the way, episode one of Soul Eater and its 172 MB. I open it but when the window pops up, all i see is this
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and I can never get it to work. Can someone help me?

SOLVED! Kind of lol I need to find a decent MOV to AVI converter thats free and converts the file 100% and doesnt place a watermark on it. If you know of any links let me know! Thanks again for the help ;D
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I use photoshop CS3 and a couple of days ago when I wanted to add text to something I made it stopped and didn't do anything anymore. So I closed it and opened it again. But when I tried it again it stopped again. So I uninstalled photoshop and then installed it again. But again it doesn't want to use the text tool.

Anyone knows what could be wrong?