March 21st, 2009

Icon Tutorial #6 feat. Miku

Icon Tutorial #6 feat. Miku

Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 8 -pretty short tut
Translatable: Yeah! ;D
PSD: Yep
This tutorial works best with images that don't have white or light backgrounds. Reds come out bright and pinks come out vivid orange.

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More Examples:

True Blood: Taking care [ani]

Tutorial 01: How to make an animated Icon!

Someone asked me, if I could make a tutorial how to make an animated Icon, and so I decided, that it would be a very good Idea to make one, and Iam totally excited to make it. xD If something is unclear, just ask me, and I will try to help you. I do it in 2 Languages. English and German.
All my Information, how to make animated Icons, are from sterni75 and her Community starlight_icon , that helped me a lot.

How to make this Icon:

Programs: Photoshop CS2, VLC Mediaplayer, Image Ready

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