March 22nd, 2009

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from to

Program: Pain Shop Pro X2
Steps: 7
Level: Easy
Using: color balance, curves, levels, color fill, saturation, brightness/contrast

other example of using tutorial:

tip. Don't even try to use this effect on dark pictures, you will end with this. Doesn't look nice, does it? Curves and hue/saturation bring in lots of red shades, so I recommen you to use it on pale and bright pictures. You will see why, while I explain you it steo by step.

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SPRING//Final Fantasy FanArt
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Tutorial #2: How to Make a (Circle Mask) Brush

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4 (But can be followed by older versions)
Level: Easy/Basic
(Will have another tutorial of the same style as last time coming soon; right now, I'm on a deadline and don't have much free time before April.)

This is a very simple tutorial for

uninvitedgrace .  She was looking for some 100x100 Circle Masks.  So, we’re going to learn how to make our own brushes today! 

 (Even if you don't want to make circles, this tutorial will teach you how to make and save your own brushes. ^_^)

If you want to learn how to do circle masking, ch_photoshopped has a nice, simple tutorial (and brush set, too!) here.

It's really easy to make your own circular brushes.  (If you don’t want to take the time to make them, however, you can download the brush set I made during this tutorial here.

(I made these using CS4; I'm not sure if older versions can use these brushes or not.  All versions of Photoshop, however, are able to follow the tutorial!)

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Bubbles of Life

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I have browsed through all the possible tags and I couldn't find a tutorial for this type of coloring technique. So I am hoping that maybe if I post this someone will help me. I would like to know how to accomplish this technique that was done on this wallie. It escapes me who made it, though, but if someone could tell me I would gladly like to credit them!

I would like to know how to make the picture white like that. I thought inverting while it's a black & white would work, but it just looks funny. Any ideas?

HELP, someone?

can someone please tell me how were the edges[or the border] of this photo made, and maybe post a tutorial

thanks in advance!

EDIT: I am using Photoshop CS4

credits for the photo: flickr

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Help: Pen tool

Progarm: Photoshop 7
Problem: making smooth curves
Tools: Pen tool, mouse and Bamboo's pen/pen tablet

When I'm using the pen too I have the following problem. When I hold done the pen to my tablet I draw lovely curves but when I stop photoshop changes it a jaded edges and sharp corners. I've tried drawing the round edges slowly and fast to see if it made any difference and it doesn't:( I don't know else to do. Is it just something I have to live with? Or is there some kind of trick to it? Since I'm terrible at explaining things I made the following screen cap of the problem:

click to enlarge