March 24th, 2009

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I'm desperately trying to find this one awesome tutorial I had saved as a .psd file but then accidentally deleted it. Here're icons in which I've used it:


I think it'd three steps, maybe a blue fill layer, and selective colors? After these, the picture was somewhat brown-ish, 'til the last step made it blue and then when you put the base on top and set it to soft light the outcome was like in those icons.

Thanks in advance! Any kind of help is appreciated.

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Hey, so I have a question? Something to do with manga coloring, but not quite.

Say the image isn't that high quality, and there is a lot of grays in the image- such as this one right here. Think there is a way to try and get the image as clean as possible?

I use PhotoShop CS; I've tried playing with the curves&levels layers, but they don't seem to help much lol. Much thanks :D