March 25th, 2009

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Icon tutorial #3


Program: Photoshop 7.0
Difficulty: Moderate (requires a basic knowledge of PS and blending. Might be a tad difficult for beginners)
Translatable: Should be, for most version of PS
NOTE: I will not be going over my method of coloring as much for this icon as it is not nearly as important as the blending and other aspects. I WILL provide tips, but I will not give specifics, as this is not a coloring tutorial.
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I found these 2 gorgeous icons made by beth633 :


For the 1st one, I can't seem to achieve that soft glow effect. I'm thinking there has to be a layer of blur (gaussian maybe?), but I can't seem to get it right.

Any tips/tutorials for achieving the 2nd icon would be immensely appreciated. It is a beautiful icon.

ETA - I am using Photoshop.

ETA2: Ok, I played around a bit and got something like this [for the 2nd icon]:

I'm getting there I think.

Beyonce Countdown vid

Getting Rid of the Blue in Twilight Caps

From this:   to this: to this:

.:Program:. PS CS2
.:Translatable?:. YES (last step is an optional Selective Coloring layer)
.:Includes:. Curves, Color Balance, Levels, Brightness/Contrast, optional Selective Coloring

.:Other Examples (All with final SC step):.
More examples under cut!

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