March 28th, 2009

Help, please?

I found this old tutorial on the text section on here. I was reading over this tutorial, And I could not figure out the step with the "Stroke Path". I use CS4, and this was made for CS2 & 3 so I had trouble figuring it out. I read the comments to see if anything helped, but nothing did. I'd appreciate any help given.

Thank you in advance.<3
MGS - Young Ocelot *facepalm*

[Mod Post] Private Messages

Hi gang,

If you use LJ's private message feature in order to send me or another mod a PM asking about something -- and I encourage you to do so, it's a great feature -- make sure your privacy settings allow you to receive PMs from non-friends!!!

It has now happened four times in the past three weeks where I got an ardent, fervent question from a community member and tried my best to reply only to find that the sender's privacy settings do not allow me to.