March 31st, 2009

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I made this icon and then seconds later forgot how I did it. :| I know I used these two textures, and there was some sort of colour change-y layer under that (like Selective Colour or Colour Balance) but apart from that I'm drawing a complete blank.

If it helps, here's the original picture, and I'm using Photoshop CS3. Playing around hasn't seemed to come close and I really like this one so it'd be nice to figure out how I did it...
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Texture Tutorial

Program: CS2
Translatable: Most of it, yeah.
Image Heavy: Yes
Difficulty: I'd say intermediate. You should know how to color an image on your own. For everything else there's lots of pictures.
Note: I'm hoping this tutorial will help people out who want to make their own texture heavy icons. Don't know if I succeeded. But that was the goal.

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Hey, hey. I was wondering if anyone knew how to produce this effect on an image:

I use CS2 and have tried a few different things, but always seem to miss the mark. I have the original image too, for comparing/contrasting purposes:

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