April 1st, 2009

Where can I find good photos?

Hey all!

I used to make loads of icons of fandom stuff, but recently, I haven't really had a fandom. I want to try and make some icons out of nice photos for a change, yet one question remains:

'Where can I find good photos?'

For some reason, I can not really find good ones on google and photos on for instance deviantart are usually copyrighted and not free... Do all of you actually pay for your photo's, or do you take them yourself? 

And then another smal question about crediting; If you use someone else's brushes and you credit them in your post, isn't that kind of useless, because people who take your icon would then have to credit them too and perhaps other people will take the icon from them without credit. Soon the icon will be creditless, right? How do you guys go about this? Because I don't feel like getting artists on my back :P

Thanks a lot in advance!
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