April 10th, 2009

chester shirtpull.

(myfirst) colouring tutorial.

Hi guys! This my first ever post in the community, AND my first ever tutorial, period. Go gentle on me. Or alternatively tell me what a rubbish tutorial it is and that I should stop, now. (also, please let me know if I've done anything wrong).

tutorialoneban.jpg picture by JakeOHouse
Program: Photoshop
Translatable: I don't really know? Uses colour balance.
Difficulty: Fairly easy.
Steps: Four, not counting prep.

Follow the cut if you're interested! Please note the tutorial is all in one image, so idk, that might bother your computer.

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lambert ♛ derse dreamer

Manga Coloring Tutorial [Gokudera Hayato]


Translatable: Completely to other PS programs! Possibly other programs, as well. ♥
Difficulty: Eh... I'd say about medium to hard. It's manga coloring, so there is some amount of knowledge required.
Includes: Manga coloring, LOTS OF LAYERS, Hue/Sat Layers, Image Heavy, Before & After Examples above each step
Program: Photoshop Elements 5

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