April 12th, 2009

KMplayer caps DVDs weird....

Hi.... I seem to be having a weird problem with capping DVDs in KMPlayer to make animations.... I do my usual thing, which is Capture>Extract (Ctrl+G).... But somehow, the dvd file plays a little slower, or kinda... skips/freezes up a bit, and thus the caps/frames/animations come out a lil funny too....

Collapse )

Whereas, when I cap a video that is stored on my computer/external HD (basically, an avi/mp4/flv file), it caps perfectly! No skips or anything! Like this one:
Collapse )

Does anyone know why this happens & more importantly, how I can get rid of this??

Thanks in advance! =) =)

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Program I am using: Photoshop CS3

Okay, so I really hope that someone can help me with this problem. I was making icons and cropping them and everything was working fine... until it wasn't...

Usually when I crop images I have the settings set to Width: 1 px and Height: 1 px. I never wrote anything in the resolution box.
With these settings I could crop a perfect square and then I would resize it to 100x100 px.

But now when I crop (and I didn't change my settings at all, it was working one minute and then it wasn't) it automatically resizes it to a 1x1 px square. I changed the width and height to 100x100 and it automatically resized it to a 100x100 square.
I don't want it to resize the pictures automatically so I am hoping that someone can help me with this problem.